Thursday, 9 February 2012

Twitter Competition ~ #SoLitTwitComp3 ~ Details

Twitter Competition ~ #SoLitTwitComp3 ~ Full Details

Simply answer this question:

From which Shakespeare play does the quote "Love is merely a madness" come from? Please name the title of the Play, the Act and Scene Numbers and use the hashtag #SoLitTwitComp3 and Tweet to @SoLiterary.

Deadline: 10.30pm Thursday 9th Feb

Prize: One Set of 4 Shakespeare 'Love' Badges (pictured above) from Something Literary 

All entries must be made on Twitter to @SoLiterary (can also be sent as a direct message to @SoLiterary) and must use the hashtag #SoLitTwitComp3, must name the play, the act and the scene numbers that the quote is taken from.

All Twitter Names will be entered in to an excel spreadsheet and a winner will be chosen at random by using The winner will be announced on Twitter shortly after 10.30pm. The winner will then be asked to email their mailing address to Something Literary in order to receive their prize.

Good Luck! x 

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